How to Apply

  1. Prep – push back cuticle, then lightly file the nail bed to take the shine away only. Note: Make sure you remove all skin that touches the nail bed around the cuticle area. 
  1. Bonding Gel – Apply a light coat of Bonding gel and cure. 
  1. Builder Gel – Apply in 2 even layers
  • Apply 1st layer, then cure
  • Apply 2nd layer, then cure
  • After 2nd layer is cured, wipe off tacky layer with 70% alcohol, then final(?) sand and shaping of the nail ext.
  1. Color or Glitter Gel – Apply 1 even layer then cure.
  • You do not have to wipe off tacky layer unless you are applying a design over the cured color gel.
  1. Sealer Gel – Apply 1 even coat over the entire nail and front edge of nail then cure.
  1. Cleaning – All products or tools clean with 70% alcohol
  1. Curing – Use a 36- or 24-watt lamp with LED